How to compose your ERP project team? Key actors and roles

What a lot of work done so far! The preparation phase of your ERP project is already well advanced. You have defined your objectives, written your specifications and chosen the solution plus the software integrator who will support you. Now, who are you going to work with?


How to compose your ERP project team? What organization should be put in place internally? In this article, we describe the key positions to target for your team and the good performance of the project.


Here are the different points that we will address on the composition of a project team:


  • Organizing a project around a team
  • The excesses to avoid when creating your ERP project team
  • Composition of your ERP project team
  • The project director
  • The project manager
  • User Keys
  • The user team
  • The IT team
  • And on the integrator side, who is his project team?

Organizing a project around a team

Like a competitive athlete, you must have the mindset, the rigor and the method to achieve your goals. Therefore, put all the chances on your side, put yourself in “project mode”.


This "project mode" involves following a certain number of steps in the implementation of the ERP solution. The preparation phase is the key moment when you will analyze your needs, build your specifications but also, and this is the subject that interests us here, constitute your project team.


Who will be the ideal person to lead the project? Who will oversee it? Who will drive it? Should you involve all your future users or only managers?


Faced with these questions, the associated roles and responsibilities, see your future ERP project team as your internal champions to carry out the project management.


The excesses to avoid when creating your ERP project team

In order to move forward in the preparation of the project, one might be tempted to put together a team too quickly.


Clearly, at this stage, deviations are possible and numerous.


Each ERP integration process is unique because it depends on a company profile, a determined growth strategy and a selected management solution.


Your organization should reflect your needs. In this logic, here are some tips to remember for the structuring of this project team:


  • Must be perfectly sized in relation to the size of the project
  • Must involve at least one person from management
  • Must not include only operational managers
  • Should not concentrate all responsibilities on a single individual
  • Have key responsibilities assigned to individuals 100% dedicated to the project


Composition of your ERP project team

Who are the actors of a project? For a company, it is always difficult to know the exact number of members for your project team while being sure to involve the right people.


The choice is yours, but you must ensure that the members who will be part of it will know how to work together, will know how to work with the integrator's collaborators and will have the necessary skills and knowledge base.


Your project team is your guarantor. A group of individuals, a safeguard for the success of the implementation of ERP according to your constraints of time, budget and human resources.


Here is a team composition of key members that we recommend, adapt and complete according to the dimension of the ERP project for our clients.


The project director

Let's start with the project manager. Central element, it is also the representative of the general management.


The Project Director is entirely dedicated to the integration of the new ERP software. In fact, he is responsible for the contractual commitment with the service provider and is in charge of budget allocation.


Its role is vast. 1st member of the project team, he is responsible for completing it. He must collect the needs, define the methodology of choice of the ERP and actively participate in the construction of the CDC.


In general, the Project Director must ensure the consistency of the system studied with the entire information system in place and manages, if necessary, the arbitrations on the management choices.


Its importance will also be major in terms of change management and internal animation.


The project manager

The project manager (or project manager) is responsible for managing the availability of people and the associated logistics.


Guarantor of the operational realization of the tasks by the internal teams, he is the correspondent of any partner and ensures the good communication of the project in the company.


It is he who is therefore in charge of monitoring schedules, costs and the various validations for his organization.


The project manager is the overall referent of the project. t. He validates the technical and functional feasibility of operations and is present until approvals.


User Keys

The team of key users must be made up of people representative of the different functions and departments of the company.


A rather small team, she is in charge of promoting the ERP project within the organization.


Their role revolves around the functional configuration of the information system as well as the transfer of skills on the software with the integrator and towards the end users.


The team of key users can propose test and acceptance scenarios to their project manager. They are also the alarm for the management of any deviations throughout the duration of the installation.


True internal ambassadors, key users are present at each stage of the integration of the new ERP: analysis, prototyping, start-up plan, etc.


The user team

Whether occasional or regular, the project team must necessarily include end users of the future solution.


These are the company's users who will work on this ERP on a daily basis. Their help is invaluable for the pilots of the project, especially when it comes to testing the system on the basis of the prototype developed.


Their opinion is also important in the overall validation of desired performance, procedures and customizations.


End users may also be called upon to carry out tasks when the new system is implemented (entry work and others).


The IT team

If you have an IT team within your company, it will logically be there.


These IT resources can work very closely with the integrator's teams in carrying out numerous missions. Examples: configuration of authorizations and user profiles, data recovery and file extraction, customization of reports, statistics, workflows, etc.


And on the integrator side, who is his project team?

Due to his experience on numerous projects, your chosen software package integrator will logically model his project team in relation to your needs, your internal resources and according to all of your constraints mentioned in the specifications.


Among the ERP integrator's project team, we could notably find:


  • A project manager
  • A functional project manager
  • A technical project manager
  • A team of functional consultants according to the project scope (accounting, purchasing, inventory, production, etc.)
  • A technical team made up of technology architect(s) and engineering consultants

The constitution and proposal of a team by the integrator aims to offer effective project management, to establish real organizational support for the client and to determine specific skills through its consultants.


Here are the basics for your project team. You now have a fairly clear vision of the people and skills that will be involved throughout the integration of your ERP. Don't forget that around men, you will have to work the whole organization, through the bodies (steering committee, internal and project committee), manage change management and federate internally through communication and animation.

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