Achieve your goals and improve performance with a project management ERP

Project management is sometimes a problem in business. Dealing with meeting deadlines, unforeseen events, managing your teams or having a flawless organization is a real challenge.


Poor management of these projects leads to a slowdown in employee productivity, objectives are difficult to achieve and the performance of the company is impacted.


Managing projects from A to Z without any real hitches, delays or failures is essential for companies that are in a dynamic of growth and looking to improve their customer satisfaction.


This is why a project management tool can be a major ally in the success of these projects.


Project management ERP, quesaco?


You all know the usefulness of an ERP for managing your business and the features it offers. This involves management:

  • Administrative and accounting
  • Stocks
  • From production
  • From the supply chain
  • Payroll and HR

With an ERP, you therefore have a global vision of your activity.


Regarding your projects, there are ERP software dedicated to this. They accompany you throughout the process, from reflection to the success of the project. You will be able :


  • Plan and manage your budget
  • Plan and organize your human and material resources
  • Manage your schedule
  • Anticipate the unexpected
  • Assign tasks to your collaborators
  • Keep an eye on everyone's progress
  • Create accurate dashboards
  • Achieve predefined goals

In short, ERP software for project management allows you to keep an eye on the progress of tasks, facilitate the management of each team, simplify the work of employees, manage your budget and avoid discrepancies or even anticipate unforeseen events. .


It is a real partner for the project manager for the implementation of a project from start to finish, and this, in a skilful way.

Why choose project management software?


Better communication and internal collaboration


An ERP dedicated to project implementation facilitates connections between the different departments of the company and then simplifies the exchange of data as well as everyone's work. Each department can communicate easily with the others, whatever their job. For example, the purchasing department can easily transmit information, data and documents to the production teams and vice versa.

Each stakeholder is aware of the progress of the project, the difficulties encountered and the various important information they need.


This is a great advantage since team cohesion and data exchange are essential to the success of a project.


Better project monitoring


ERP software is composed of different modules making them a tool adapted to the business and the needs of the company.

Some modules allow you to keep optimal control over your projects and their cost. For example, it is possible to have functionalities for budget management, task planning, global visualization of the progress of the project or even milestone planning.


This tool is appreciated by decision-makers because it allows them to easily define their priorities and points of vigilance. This makes it possible to avoid blocking points and to have a flawless organization of their process. The daily work of the project manager is therefore simplified.

A considerable saving of time in the realization of your projects

Project management solutions such as an ERP make it possible to avoid delays in implementation thanks to a clear, monitored and optimized organization. In addition, it allows you to define clear and realistic objectives. In other words, your objectives are achievable by your team, consistent with your structure and your business.


Everything is planned, organized and anticipated which allows you to save time in the realization of your projects and limit the final cost.


Increased customer satisfaction


With projects completed on time, you improve your image with your customers and prospects. In addition, you free up time more easily to meet the needs of the latter and have time to manage other business thanks to the optimization of your organization.

Your customers feel you are more reliable, they gain confidence in you and will recommend you more easily to others.


Project management ERP is therefore to be preferred when you are in a phase of improving customer satisfaction.



Who is a project management ERP intended for?


Any company that carries out projects, both internal and external, needs a tool capable of supporting them in carrying them out.

Often, the Directors of Information Systems (DSI) are the first concerned by this kind of IT tool. Indeed, this allows them to have a global view of their project portfolio, the availability of their resources as well as the budget and the costs allocated from their computer system. In addition, managers, project managers or employees playing a role in the project are also concerned by this solution.



Which software to choose for the management of its projects?


One of the recognized software for project management is Netsuite. Indeed, this cloud software supports any company managing projects and more particularly service companies. Indeed, Netsuite allows companies to manage their:

  • Projects
  • Resources
  • Project accounting
  • Timesheets
  • Billing
  • Clients
  • Expenses

Netsuite is a tool that can be considered complete thanks to its range of features. The great advantage of this solution is its scalable system. Indeed, with this tool you no longer have to worry about the compatibility of your ERP with your growth. Netsuite is flexible and scalable which allows it to accompany you throughout your growth process and to remain efficient whatever your development.


This cloud solution is also able to support you in your international development and therefore in your business abroad.


Moreover, being a cloud solution, Netsuite is available anywhere, anytime, whatever your connection medium. This gives it a key competitive advantage.


Companies managing many projects easily choose to turn to Netsuite. With this type of software, it is easy to identify blocking points and anticipate them before they disrupt the process.


The implementation of an ERP such as Netsuite allows the project manager and the stakeholders to have a view of all the phases of the project. Getting started with this software is simple and intuitive. User training will therefore not be a constraint. This user training phase is carried out at the end of the production of the software package.


It is also possible to complete the solution with a CRM since Netsuite has one. Enough to work more on the customer relationship. Indeed, the CRM is the perfect tool to complete an ERP software and make its commercial actions more efficient.


IT tools such as an ERP and a CRM are relevant on a daily basis in business to facilitate teamwork. These 2 solutions are key allies in the management of your projects.


To sum up, Netsuite is an ideal solution for project management because:


It is available in the cloud (access everywhere and all the time to information and documents)

  • Its use is simple and ergonomic
  • It facilitates team cohesion
  • It allows you to have a global view in real time of the progress of your project
  • The project manager can anticipate any difficulties
  • It simplifies budget management and forecasting
  • It contributes to improving customer satisfaction and winning business

To conclude, the implementation phase of your company on the market is simplified with this IT tool since it helps to improve your performance and boost your growth.


The project manager benefits from better project organization, better employee involvement, simplified management, and a real-time view of your costs. Thus, you carry out your projects on time while avoiding major difficulties.


Flow Line is able to support you in the integration or change of ERP, especially for this type of project management tool. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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