Top 7 free tools to make your quotes online!

Need to make an online quote? The estimate is an essential document for contractors and craftsmen. Much more than a simple price proposal, a well-made estimate contributes to the acquisition of new customers. That's why it's important to know how to write it! For this, paid software exists, but many sites also allow you to create a free quote online in a simple and fast way.

How important is the quote? And what are the best free sites to make an online quote? Discover our top 7 as well as the characteristics of each of these tools.


Why create an online quote?

The quote is the document that will present your services to a client: it must therefore be written in due form! Indeed, it will describe in a precise and detailed way the cost of your services and will communicate all the information relating to your company, such as the SIRET, the company name, the labels, etc.

It is a document that is supposed to reassure and convince the client, and which, once signed, will serve as a contract and will bind both parties.

This is why it is important to write it correctly, with all the necessary information and the mandatory legal notices. For this, there are certainly very complete paid solutions that allow you to edit this document in the most rigorous way, but for small budgets, there are also free tools online.

If you are used to using Word or an Excel spreadsheet to produce your quotes, these free solutions may be of interest to you. Accessible from a web browser, they can be used on all media: computer, tablet and smartphone. They also offer a double advantage:

  • save you time, thanks to pre-filled lines and boxes and the addition of certain options;
  • allow you to create a free quote online, which looks much more professional.


7 sites to make a free online quote: our selection

So let's go for the list of the best tools to create a free quote online! Whether you are a freelancer, a builder or a small business owner, take a look at these 7 tried and tested solutions.


1,  Luckily

Parchance helps you establish professional quotes in a simple and totally free way. For this, the site provides you with examples of blank quotes, which you just need to complete. With it, you no longer risk forgetting mandatory information, since all you have to do is fill in the various fields.

For auto-entrepreneurs, free quote models without VAT also exist and include the mandatory legal notices related to this status. Parchance is also suitable for any type of activity, including the construction sector. It offers the possibility of customizing the presentation of your work estimate by inserting your logo or changing the color of the table header.

Simple to use, this free site also allows you to download your quotes in PDF, print them, and deliver or send them to customers.


2,  Coover

Coover has created a unique, simple and fun tool that allows you to make a free quote online in just a few clicks. Easy to use, it is made up of a pre-filled table, and a second table on the right that allows you to make your settings for the application of VAT.

With Coover you can also customize your quote by choosing the color. This free site has even thought of auto-entrepreneurs since the version is compatible with the micro-enterprise regime.

100% free, this site does not require registration and allows you to download your documents in PDF format, print them and even edit your quotes online later (subject to providing at least your email address).



Another online quote site, What is good with this tool is that it goes straight to the point: from the home page, you have the choice between several document templates to edit. You can opt for an invoice with or without VAT, a receipt, a credit note, a rent receipt and of course, what interests us here, an estimate!

Creating a quote with this site is very easy: after clicking on the desired tab, a ready-to-fill template appears on the page. All you have to do is fill in the different boxes with your own information and that of your client. Despite its fairly sober and basic appearance, the rendering of the estimate remains professional.

Another advantage: when you add data in the lines dedicated to services, the tool automatically calculates the total when creating the PDF. Unit price, quantity, VAT rate, amount already paid... So you don't haveno calculation to do, which is very practical to avoid errors!


4,  Invoice Home

Invoice Home is a free software for making online quotes, but also invoices, purchase orders, or credit notes. For this, many models are available, each more original than the other, which you can even personalize with your company logo and information.

Intuitive and fun, Invoice Home makes it easy and quick to fill out the quote with all the information, and allows you to add or not a tax and its applied rate. Once finished, you can save, print and email the document to your client.

Following your registration on the site, you can even protect your data since the site securely stores all of your customer data on a cloud platform. An advantage not to be overlooked, in addition to the many other features offered by this free site.


5, invoicesimple

Designed by designers who are experts in user experience, Invoicesimple allows you to establish free and customizable quotes online in a simple and fast way. Indeed, you have the possibility of registering your customers and your services to save considerable time for your next online quotes.

And to make your job easier, you have access to very professional free quote templates that you just have to modify and customize. The pre-filled lines make it easier to write the quote and you can apply the VAT rate you want. This site also allows you to add your company logo, and even change the currency.

Finally, with Invoicesimple, you can also save your quotes in PDF form, and send them by email or link. The downside is that the site only allows the free creation of one quote per user: after that, you will have to pay!


6,  Cestlo

Cestlo is the ideal tool for the liberal professions, but also for freelancers who have opted for the status of auto-entrepreneur, since it allows you to make a free estimate online with or without VAT. It does not require registration to use, however, if you create an account, you will have the option to save your information to save even more time when creating your next documents.

You can also customize your VAT rate, insert your company logo and keep all of your documents. Registration on Cestlo also allows you to follow up on your quotes, and facilitates your invoicing. You can even easily turn a quote into an invoice.

Finally, for beginners, the site provides you with an explanatory note which guides you in the realization of your very first estimate. And if you do not want to create your account, you will still have access to features such as saving your quote in PDF format, as well as editing it.


7,  worldliveeasy

Rather simple to use, Mondevisfacile allows you to create an estimate for free and easily, without any prior registration.

It allows you to make a first choice between three available quote models, before accessing the customization stage. You can then choose the color, the font, and even insert your own logo.

Then, you can move on to writing the free online quote which is done in stages with the creation of your client, the writing of your contact details and your services, and finally your conditions. At the end of these different steps, you have an overview of your quote.

You can receive it by entering your email address or download it directly. You also have the option of applying VAT or not, depending on your status, and modifying the rate. You can also enter your banking information directly.


8,  Bonus: Obat, online quote for building professionals (14 days free)

We end this selection with an 8th online quote tool, this time intended specifically for construction professionals: Obat. Designed specifically to meet the needs of independent craftsmen and VSEs/SMEs in the building sector, its objective is to simplify and centralize business management.

Very easy to use, this SaaS software is equipped with a wide range of functionalities adapted to the construction industry: edition of quotes, invoice and work situation, addition of deposit and credit note, integration of price library, automatic calculation of margins , site monitoring, generation of VAT certificate, electronic signature… and many more!

With its easy-to-use graphical customization tool, you'll be able to generate modern, professional-looking quotes in minutes. Of course, Obat is not free but remains very affordable, with prices starting at just 25€/month.

A cost in the end very quickly pays for itself in view of the immense time saved on a daily basis! In addition, you are entitled to a 14-day free trial to test all the features of the software, without any commitment.

Requesting a quote is a common practice to which VSEs/SMEs, traders, craftsmen, etc. are faced every day. It is a capital document, which plays an important role in customer relations. So, for a flawless document that exudes a certain professionalism, free online quote sites are an excellent alternative to paid software. They offer all the necessary features to make writing your quote a real breeze!

Are you a craftsman? Discover our specialized BTP invoicing software for building professionals from only €19/month. A free, no-obligation trial month is offered to all new users!

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