free microsoft word alternative: the 7 best tools 2023

You would like to use Microsoft Word, but you do not want or cannot buy its license? Are you looking for an alternative software to Microsoft Word? Would you like to have a high-performance, free computer word processing tool? You've come to the right place to find software other than the Office suite. Find in this content the top 7 of the best free alternatives to Microsoft Word.


What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is the word processing tool of the Microsoft Office office suite. Like Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, Microsoft Word is the reference in its category. It is an excellent software that offers all the features that one needs when it comes to word processing. Its interface is modern, ergonomic and user-friendly. It is simple to use and quite easy to handle. Everyone, even beginners, can handle it without too much difficulty.

Microsoft Word allows, among other things, to:

  • Create and modify any type of text document: letter, article, poem, CV, etc.
  • Format texts.
  • Create tables, but does not allow to process what is inside (it is not a spreadsheet).
  • Create summaries and tables of contents.
  • Number pages.
  • Correct spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Create patterns and shapes.
  • Do direct mail.
  • Save documents and files created on Onedrive, Microsoft's cloud.
  • Share created documents and files with others.

This presentation is not exhaustive. You will probably find everything you need there.

It is software that requires physical integration on a PC. You must download Microsoft Word before using it. Basically, it is not a collaborative tool. You will not be able to work on the same file with several people simultaneously unless you put yourself on One drive. If not, you need to send the document to everyone involved to give them access.

Being a popular, widespread and popular tool, Microsoft Word is GDPR compliant. It protects the personal and professional data of its users.


Why choose an alternative to Microsoft Word?

As already said, it's not just Microsoft Word when it comes to word processing software. It has many competitors that offer similar functionality. And some are much better than you think. Of course, if you can buy a license for several tens of euros per year, the question does not arise.

But if you want to save money or if you can't afford it, you have to turn to other tools. Besides, if you find the functions you are looking for in a free alternative solution, why go broke?

Alternative software to Microsoft Word generally offers all the basic functionalities necessary for word processing. They are, for the majority, Open Source and are accessible free of charge. Microsoft itself offers some to complete its offer. So don't view your inability to invest in a Microsoft Word license as a drag on your business. Look for other options, you will certainly find one that can meet your needs.


Best Word alternative: the top 7

  • Google Docs
  • LibreOffice Writer
  • WPS Office Writer
  • Apache OpenOffice Writer
  • Zoho Writer
  • Microsoft Word Online
  • Wordpad


#1. Google Docs: a practical tool accessible via any browser

Google Docs is the most used online alternative (Saas or Software as a service) of Microsoft Word. Like the latter, it allows you to create, modify, correct and format texts. It is a tool of the Google Workplace suite in the same way as Google Sheets and Google Slides. All you need is a Google account to use it. It is accessible anywhere at any time and via any device. All documents created on it are stored on Google Drive, Google's cloud.

Being accessible online, Google Docs is a collaborative tool. It is possible for several people to work on the same file at the same time in different places. This greatly facilitates teamwork. Each person concerned is kept informed in real time of the progress of the work and the changes made. The files created are saved either in doc or docx formats compatible with Microsoft Word, or in PDF format. They are easily shareable via other Google applications: Gmail, Google Meet, etc.

The major advantage of Google Docs lies in the fact that it offers advanced writing features, namely:

  • Voice input.
  • Suggestive writing.
  • The quick translation ofdocuments.

It offers most of the functions integrated into Microsoft Word except the layout (limited). Its interface is very similar to that of Word. It is a secure and GDPR compliant tool.

If you don't have access to an internet connection all the time, Google Docs can be downloaded as an app. So you can use it offline.


#2. LibreOffice Writer: a complete and practical office tool

LibreOffice Writer is the word processing software of the LibreOffice office suite. You will easily recognize it thanks to its interface similar to that of older versions of Microsoft Word. It is very intuitive and easy to use. It is software that requires physical integration on a PC, you must download it. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

LibreOffice Writer supports several file formats including doc and docx. It is Open Source software, it can open and work with files from similar software. It is a very scalable tool, its developers make various plug-ins available to users to improve their experience. It also receives many updates to strengthen its security and expand/optimize its functionality.

The functions offered by LibreOffice Writer can be more than enough for any average Microsoft Word user. If you do not need all the features offered by the market leader, LibreOffice Writer will make you happy. It is a platform that promotes collaboration between users and developers. They remain attentive and work hard to allow the software to meet the expectations of users.

LibreOffice Writer is GDPR compliant. You don't have to worry about what happens to the data you provide.


#3. WPS Office Writer: Microsoft Word's Best Competitor

WPS Office Writer is the word processing software of the WPS Office office suite. It requires physical integration on a PC and must be downloaded before use. It is paid, but comes with a free version supported by advertisements. With the free plan, you are entitled to 1 GB of online storage space. Each time you click on a function, an advertisement of about 10 seconds will appear. You have to watch it if you want to use the function in question. And once that's done, you'll be at peace for the next 30 minutes.

WPS Office Writer is popular for its similar interface to recent versions of Word. For some, it is its best competitor (functionality, ergonomics, etc.). It can open, work and save different file formats, including doc or docx compatible with Word. The opening of documents on the platform is done in the form of tabs as is the case with browsers. And it makes it easier to navigate from one writing to another. It is supported by all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android OS, iOS) and is multilingual. It offers a feature to adapt the colorimetry of its interface to your needs. So you can work for long hours without straining your eyes.

To ban ads, have a larger storage space and access more advanced features, you must pay a subscription. This varies between $29.99 and $39.99 per year depending on the plan chosen. It is certainly not a negligible sum, but it is still cheaper than the license of Word.

WPS Office Writer is a secure and GDPR compliant tool. If you wish, it can protect your documents by encrypting them with passwords.


#4. Apache OpenOffice Writer: the direct competitor of LibreOffice Writer

Apache OpenOffice Writer is the word processing tool of the free OpenOffice office suite. It was created and developed by the same teams that implemented LibreOffice. Both were managed by Open Office before 2010. This is the reason why they have many similarities, whether in terms of functionality or interface.

Compared to Word, Apache OpenOffice Writer is less intuitive. It therefore takes a little more practice to master it. And compared to LibreOffice Writer, we cannot call it a scalable tool. It only gets an update 1-2 times a year. Its bugs are therefore not always corrected and its functionalities are not optimized.

OpenOffice Writer is supported by all systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. It can open and save several document formats, so doc and docx. It is secure and compatiblewith the GDPR.


#5. Zoho Writer: user-friendly, practical and innovative software

Created in 2005, this very promising online office software presents itself as the biggest competitor of Google Docs. Like this one, it has a very clean interface, is powerful and offers super interesting features. It is a collaborative platform on which it is possible to work with several people anywhere and anytime. It is very intuitive and leverages the capability of other tools in the Zoho suite a lot.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence called Zia of the platform, Zoho Writer makes it possible to produce very qualitative content: spelling and grammatical corrections, improved readability. An electronic signature tool is directly accessible via the working document. If necessary, team members or anyone who has access to the file can sign once it has been validated. There is no longer any need to resort to third-party software or applications. Same thing for forms.

Zoho Writer offers features such as:

  • Suggestive writing.
  • Text hiding: hiding part of the text from certain collaborators.
  • Locking certain parts of the text: collaborators cannot modify the locked parts.

·       Integration on WordPress: written and validated content can be directly published on a WordPress or Blogger page.

This software is ideal for small businesses. It allows you to create all kinds of documents including those of a legal nature. It provides its users with an instant messaging service to facilitate communication.

It can satisfy all head processing needs, even for the most creative. It is secure and GDPR compliant.


#6. Microsoft Word Online: the free version of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Online is nothing but a free online-only version of Microsoft Word. It is not the only Microsoft Office office suite tool available in this format. There is also the Excel spreadsheet and the PowerPoint presentation tool.

This version of Word gives you access to all the features offered by the paid version. Yes ! Absolutely everything. You just need to have an internet connection available to be able to use it. All the files you create can be saved to Onedrive and shared.

If you want to collaborate with several people on the same document, you can work directly on OneDrive. The latter is certainly not as powerful as Google Drive or Google Docs, but it will meet your needs perfectly.

Microsoft Word Online is accessible anytime, anywhere on any web browser. You just need to have a Microsoft account to access it. And since the tool itself was developed by Microsoft, it benefits from all its advantages, including data security.


#7. Wordpad: the ultrabasic version of Microsoft Word

Wordpad is a free-to-use word processing tool developed by Microsoft. It requires physical PC integration and is available by default on any computer running Windows. You will recognize it by its interface very similar to that of Word, but in a lighter version. This is because it has only been equipped with the most basic features.

Among other things, you will have the following functions:

  • Writing and word processing.
  • Layout: insertion and alignment.
  • Formatting: font and font size.

You cannot take advantage of all advanced features, including autocorrect. It may suffice for simple tasks such as writing a letter or taking notes. It is very easy to use and supports any document in doc, docx, odt and txt format.


What is the best alternative to Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is the most complete and powerful word processing software today. This suite of the Office package offers all the features that the general public (from individuals to large companies) needs to work. If you are looking for free alternatives that are just as complete and efficient, go to Microsoft Word Online in particular. It is the best solution on the web if you have an Internet connection at hand.

If you don't have internet, choose an alternative. Admittedly, their functionality is quite limited, but they can be enough if you are not looking for something very sophisticated. Each of the software presented above has its particularities and strengths. So ask yourself the right questions and weigh the pros and cons.

Which software offers the options you are looking forhez? Do they work and interface suit you? Do they allow you to get the results you are looking for? When you have answered these questions, you will know which alternative to turn to.

If all the free tools listed in this article do not satisfy you, you can always look for others. Nothing prevents you from choosing paid word processing software, but more affordable, if necessary.

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