The 5 Best Accounting Software for Freelancers in 2023

To simplify your invoicing and your accounting obligations, there is accounting software for freelancers. Discover the best solutions and our advice for choosing the right accounting software for your freelance activity.


Our selection of the best accounting software for freelancers


Indy is a modern and intuitive accounting software and is aimed at liberal professional freelancers.

The Indy online accounting software offers access to many features perfectly suited to the needs of freelancers. From bookkeeping to editing the tax package and remote transmission, everything is available on an ergonomic, simple and intuitive platform. Only downside, you will have to equip yourself with another tool for invoicing since Indy does not have an invoicing module at the moment.

Note that Indy also offers free business creation for those who are starting out. With two transparent and affordable price offers, you can test the tool for free for 15 days. To find out more, read our opinion on Indy.



Are you looking for accounting software for freelancers that is both complete and affordable? Try Freebe!

This tool allows you to edit your quotes and invoices in a simplified and automated way. But that's not all, Freebe has other essential features for freelancers, such as bank synchronization, the income/expense book or even URSSAF declarations.

And all this, for the price of only €7 per month (if you choose the annual commitment). If you are not sure yet, do not hesitate to use our code INDE60 to take advantage of 60 days of free trial.


Wise 50

Sage 50 is both accounting and management software for freelancers.

You can choose just one of these options or both depending on your needs. This tool then allows you to manage your invoices, your stocks, your cash flow, your customer relationship, your VAT returns, your income statements, etc.

In terms of prices, it depends first of all on the option chosen. Then, for each option, you have the choice between three formulas: Essentials, Standard or Premium. The difference between the three lies in the number of SIRETs and the features offered.

If you only need the freelance accounting software, subscription prices range from €19 to €39 per month. We recommend the Essentials plan for service providers, and the Standard plan for those who sell goods.



Accounting software for freelancers made in France, Pennylane allows you to manage your business globally.

And for good reason, this solution offers you a multitude of functionalities relating to the management of purchases, sales, cash and accounting. In addition, this tool is particularly suitable for freelancers working in the e-commerce sector.

In terms of prices, we recommend the basic offer which is more aimed at the self-employed.



Depending on whether you do billing or not, Evoliz offers you different offers.

If you charge: rates range from €12.60 to €36 per month. Depending on the formula chosen, you will then benefit from functionalities, such as editing and sending invoices, inventory management, bank reconciliation or activity management.

If you don't charge yourself: the offer is €10.80 per month with features that are mainly management-oriented.

As a bonus, you also get a 30-day free trial.


Why take accounting software for freelancers?

Win time

To get paid, you must bill for your services every month. But depending on the number of customers, these steps take time.

Fortunately, freelance accounting software automates all of these tedious tasks. Indeed, you just need to fill in the customer parameters on the very first invoice. The customer details are then pre-recorded in order to simplify the edition of your next invoices.

But beyond invoicing, these software also offer you other automation features (especially for tax declarations).

This will save you from wasting hours in administrative procedures. You can then focus on your core business, and thus increase your turnover.


Protect your data

Freelance accounting software allows you to save all of your accounting documents in an ultra-secure place.

In addition, everything is centralized. If you are looking for an old invoice, an URSSAF declaration, … you will not have to search between dozens of files.


Comply with legal obligations

In tant as a freelancer, you have accounting obligations to respect. But these vary according to your legal status.

If you are self-employed, there are few steps to take: tracking income and expenses, invoicing, URSSAF declarations, and VAT if the thresholds are exceeded.

On the other hand, if you are the manager of a sole proprietorship (SASU or EURL), the accounting obligations are more complex, with in particular the keeping of a journal, a general ledger and an inventory ledger, the accounts of annual results, the VAT declaration as well as all social and tax declarations.


Do your accounting from anywhere

Most freelance accounting software is available online. In other words, you only need an internet connection to perform your billing. Whether you are at home, in a co-working space, on the train or on the other side of the world, you can always do your billing.


How to choose the right accounting software for freelancers?


The first criterion for choosing accounting software for freelancers obviously concerns the extent of functionality. Much depends on your industry and status.

But generally speaking, here are the features you will need:

  • Editing invoicing and quotes;
  • Bank synchronization;
  • URSSAF declarations.

Then you can select additional features according to your expectations. For example, editing the balance sheet for company managers, inventory management for the sale of goods or payroll management for those planning to hire.


The budget

Quite often, freelancers select their accounting software based on price first. Big mistake ! This criterion should not intervene first, but after the study of the functionalities.

Indeed, you must find a tool that allows you to meet all of your needs. Only then is the comparison of solutions based on their price relevant.



While many accounting software are available from a web browser, there are still some solutions that require you to install specific software. If you are still at home, this is not too disturbing (but it will still take some time for the installation). On the other hand, if you are a digital nomad, an online accounting tool is essential.

In addition, if you have to travel regularly, it may be interesting to select freelance accounting software that is also available via a mobile application. This allows you to consult your accounting documents anytime and anywhere.


What alternatives to accounting software?

Hire an accountant

For those who do not wish to take care of their accounting, it is always possible to call on an accountant. This is also relevant for the managers of SASU or EURL. In this context, the accountant carries out the follow-up and publishes all the mandatory documents (journal book, annual accounts, etc.).

That said, even if you have self-employed status, you can also hire a chartered accountant. In addition to helping you with the procedures, he can also provide you with advice on the best choice of plan or status. Especially if you plan to develop your professional activity.


Do your accounting alone

If you are comfortable with numbers, you can do your accounting yourself. But be careful, you will have to take care to respect all your tax and accounting obligations. Otherwise, you will have to pay fines or penalties to the tax authorities.

It is therefore much simpler for a freelancer who has opted for the micro-enterprise regime. Conversely, if you are in a SASU or EURL, the procedures are so complex that the risk of error is significant.

In terms of tools, you can use an Excel file for tracking and invoicing, or online invoice templates.

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