What is the average cost of comprehensive car insurance?

The vehicle is an important part of everyday life. It is therefore essential to be protected in the event of an incident caused by yourself or by a third party.


The price of all-risk car insurance can vary significantly because prices are freely set by insurers. To choose the best contract, the ideal is to compare at least three quotes. What is the average cost of comprehensive car insurance? How to get the cheapest coverage? Explanations.


How is the price of all-risk car insurance calculated?

All-risk car insurance offers the driver comprehensive protection against claims. This is the most complete insurance formula. It includes in particular civil liability in the event of an accident caused by you or by a third party, criminal defense and recourse in the event of an accident, assistance, glass breakage guarantee. This insurance makes it possible to secure a valuable vehicle, to be compensated more quickly and to benefit from extended guarantees.


To establish the amount of your car insurance premium, the insurer takes into account a lot of information which is then compared to statistics related to profiles similar to yours. First, the insurance company examines the criteria related to the vehicle:


·      The brand, model and series of the car;

·      Its fiscal power;

·      His age ;

·      The purchase value;

·      Motorization (petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric);

·      Its options (driving assistance, safety devices, etc.).

The use made of the vehicle is also taken into account through the following criteria:


·      The place of parking;

·      The number of kilometers traveled each year;

·      The most frequent routes;

·      The frequency of use of the vehicle;

·      The profile of other insured drivers.

Finally, the profile of the main driver influences the price of all-risk car insurance. The insurer will study the following elements:

·      Your age ;

·     Your gender;

·      Your family and professional situation;

·      Your place of residence;

·      The date of obtaining the driving license;

·      Your driving history.

Thus, the lowest rates for all-risk car insurance are generally between 450 and 550 euros per year including tax. In some cases, they can reach 1,200 euros per year.


How to reduce the price of your all-risk car insurance?

It is possible to find the best all-risk car insurance and above all the cheapest by using a free online comparator with no obligation. To do this, you just need to complete a form indicating some information relating to your profile and your vehicle. In less than 2 minutes, you get a list of the best car insurance on the market. This easy-to-use tool saves you time by preventing you from going to the agency, but also saves you money. Indeed, it compares dozens of contracts which allows you to compete.

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