TOP 6 of the best inventory management software 2022

Openflex elected among the best stock management software 2022 after reviewing for you the TOP 6 of the most suitable SaaS software.

In all industries, businesses need control over their inventory, whether it's distribution, manufacturing, restocking, or another critical function. In any case, we will want to monitor the stock closely to optimize sales and reduce the costs of overstocking or the loss of turnover by a stock shortage. Hence this review on the best stock management software 2022 to take stock between professionals and stock managers in this post covid19 period.


Inventory management software features

Inventory software must be able to manage customer orders and purchases from suppliers, and update the status of in-stock products accordingly. This TOP 6 of the best stock management software 2022 lists the features most used by stock managers.

In terms of inventory, we want to make sure we have enough supplies to meet customer demand, in order to avoid shortages and lost sales. We must also optimize the stock by avoiding too bulky supplies, to spare the capacity of the warehouses, reduce expenses and avoid losses for perishable products.

When we have one or more warehouses, we seek to digitize and accelerate the recording of entries, exits and inventory accounts. Barcode scanning and organizing into SKUs are essential for this task. It is also necessary to control the individual stock of each storage location, and to make transfers to balance the products according to their needs.

In the cloud era, software is expected to be available online, to ensure data accessibility and security. To speed up operations, access to the software should be available for multiple users. Accessibility independent of the terminal is even more valued, especially when the software is combined with the mobility of smartphones.


In this list, we have selected the 6 software that best meet these general needs, while providing their own advantages:

  • Openflex: the stock software with an excellent price-performance ratio;
  • Dolisim: the stock software belonging to you;
  • Monstock: good connection of third parties in inventory management;
  • Exact: advanced inventory management analysis;
  • Erplain: stock management with an ergonomic interface;
  • Sortly: stock management for freelancers.

Openflex, the stock software with an excellent price-performance ratio


While for analyzes and statistics, many other software rely on a dedicated menu and a display in figures, Openflex constantly accompanies the user flawlessly in its management of stock and dashboards equipped with its quick graphics and statistics. . To find out more, read our study on stockmag of this excellent inventory management software.

By summarizing this data, it greatly facilitates analysis, and allows the user to focus on decision-making. Openflex elected as one of the best inventory management software 2022 and demonstrates the consequent advantages:

  • An unlimited number of users;
  • 25 additional modules in its ERP complementing the inventory management module, such as CRM, invoicing management, point of sale management, CAPM or computer-aided production management, among others;
  • The single purchase of the module, the Cloud without subscription;
  • Dashboards for each category, with analyzes and graphs.

Openflex also has a mobile application allowing users to manage their points of sale, consult statistics and receive real-time notifications.

In all its modules, Openflex is a complete ERP software. Each module is a one-time purchase rather than a subscription, which significantly reduces the cost.

Most software is billed monthly, with additional charges for each user. Openflex, on the other hand, does not place any limitation on the number of users. The number of modules, their one-time purchase, and the unlimited number of users make Openflex the best value choice among our best inventory management software list.


Dolisim, the inventory software belonging to you

Dolisim is one of the inventory management software whose strength lies in its suite of ERP business management software belonging to you. This proven and scalable stock management software Dolisim's tariffs also include several additional stock management modules such as:

  • Billing;
  • CRM;
  • Inventory management ;
  • Rental management;
  • Project management;
  • Accountability.

Once you get started on the navigation of the interface, Dolisim becomes a powerful tool once you get used to it, and you can read our review and test of Simafri 2022. In addition to these extended capabilities, it has 3 particularly striking points which place Dolisim in 2nd position or outsider of the best stock management software 2022:

  • The technical team takes care of all operations on the server and offers reactive support to customers on the use of the software;
  • The possibility of additional development allowing the software to evolve quickly to your needs;
  • The user is the owner of the software, of which he can download his copy if he eventually terminates his subscription.

Overall, Dolisim is an excellent starting point to begin its activities thanks to the breadth of its capabilities. The full support of the Simafri team then ensures customer assistance and software availability. It then carries out additional developments so that Dolisim evolves at the user's pace.


Monstock, good connection of third parties in inventory management

Monstock combines a wide range of features while keeping a modern and uncomplicated interface. Monstock is the most balanced software in this respect, find our analysis in our study. The advantages of Monstock are the following and place it in 3rd position of the best stock management software 2022:

  • Its accessibility on any device and its mobile applications;
  • Accessibility for customers through the integration of e-commerce sites;
  • Accessibility for suppliers via the extranet;
  • Equipment management;
  • Its control over the network and delivery rounds.

Monstock's access network is a major force, extending from suppliers to customers, including users and delivery services. He even controls the equipment, the follow-up of their status and planning for the controls.

In addition to synchronizing the transactions carried out by all users, Monstock offers a mobile application with access to all of its functions.

Its customers place their orders on integrated e-commerce stores, and its suppliers update their information by connecting to its extranet.

Monstock takes care of the preparation of orders, the organization of delivery rounds and product returns, accompanied by transport services such as UPS or TNT. The supply and distribution network created, supported by its stock control capabilities, make Monstock the most balanced and extensive software.


Exact Online, advanced inventory management analysis

Exact Online offers the widest range of tools dedicated to inventory management. In addition to basic functions on the processing and movement of inventory, it boasts advanced functions such as forecasting customer demand or even internal warehouse management as seen in our analysis on stockmag. Its strengths are as follows and places it in 4th position of the best stock management software 2022:

  • Sales and resource forecasting;
  • Internal warehouse management;
  • Statistics and analysis.

If one is able to use software in English or Dutch, Exact Online is the software demonstrating the most expertise, not only in stock control, but also in the advanced areas of internal warehouse management (WMS ), resource planning (MRP) and inventory optimization.


Erplain, stock management with an ergonomic interface

Erplain takes its place in our list of best inventory management software, thanks to its panoply of inventory management tools, but above all for the simplicity and ergonomics of its interface. Although its menus are less extensive than other inventory management software, it is very easy to navigate and you quickly understand how to use it. You can review his analysis in our file on Erplain. Its advantages, placing it in the penultimate position of the best stock management software 2022, are as follows:

  • Its intuitive interface, which speeds up the handling of new users;
  • Its integration with Shopify and Quickbooks for e-commerce and accounting.


Erplain brings together the essentials of inventory management, sales management and CRM, and makes it as easy to use as possible. In its document creation forms, it accompanies the user by giving an explanation of each field to be completed. Although Erplain does not have advanced functions like other software, it allows new users or new employees to get started quickly thanks to its intuitiveness.


Sortly, stock management for freelancers

Sortly organizes inventory in a slightly different way than other software: it gives a view of a group of folders corresponding to shops and warehouses. It then makes it possible to manage entries, exits, inventories and transfers by individual file. This interface on storage locations makes it easy to use and positions it in the last position of our TOP 6 of the best stock management software 2022, namely:

  • View and control storage locations by folder;
  • Availability of a relatively competent free version.

To have access to all the capabilities of Sortly, such as analyses, alerts or access to the API, you must opt ​​for its paid tariffs. On the other hand, the real advantage of Sortly is its free version, do not hesitate to read our review on Sortly.

In its free version, Sortly does not have a lot of functions, but with some inventiveness, its location view by folder can be configured to manage the stocks of several warehouses and shops. And as a bonus, all of this is available for free, making Sortly the first choice for freelancers.


TOP 6 inventory management software

Among the 6 best inventory management software presented above, Openflex prioritizes its ability to integrate inventory which integrates well with its range of ERP modules. Openflex thus elected among the best inventory management software 2022 with its unbeatable price in Cloud without subscription.


Others like Erplain and Sortly focus on the ergonomics of their interfaces and the user experience. Monstock is particularly balanced between the two, which puts it at the top of the list. However, the particularities of other software make it equally interesting choices such as Exact or Sortly, with its fairly practical organization even if limited in free mode. Dolisim a scalable software belonging to you is the underdog of the best inventory management software 2022.

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