Ranking of the 10 best auto insurance companies in 2022

Do you want to take out car insurance or change contracts? Comparing quotes allows you to save money or benefit from better guarantees. Discover the ranking of the 10 best auto insurance companies in 2022.


1 - Direct Insurance car insurance

Direct Assurance offers efficient, fast and safe car insurance. The offer is available in 4 formulas: “Thirds Mini”, “Thirds Essential”, “Thirds Maxi”, “All Risks”. By subscribing to the All Risks formula, policyholders have access to cover for fire, theft and all-accident damage (including vandalism) in addition to the basic cover. To benefit from enhanced protection, drivers can subscribe to one of the 3 “Packs” offered by Direct Assurance. The Protection Pack includes an extension of the driver's personal guarantee to 800,000 euros. The Serenity Pack increases this amount to 1,500,000 euros and also offers a loan vehicle as well as 0 km assistance.


2 - MAAF car insurance

MAAF customers can choose from 4 car insurance formulas: Third Party, Third Party Eco, All Risks, All Risks Eco. Whatever the formula chosen, the offer systematically includes essential guarantees and services such as compulsory civil liability, driver's bodily injury, 24/7 assistance in the event of an accident in France and abroad. 'foreign. Added to this are the MAAF bonuses which allow you to benefit from multiple advantages (duo bonus, MAAF lifetime bonus, kilometer bonus, laureate bonus, eco-transport bonus, pure bonus).


3 - MAIF car insurance

The VAM car insurance contract offered by MAIF provides a wide choice of formulas and guarantees that can be adjusted according to the needs of drivers and their budget. Optional guarantees are available from the third-party formula and the level of deductible, which corresponds to the sum remaining payable after a claim, can be defined during subscription. Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, attentive service, increased compensation… There are many advantages offered by MAIF. Do not hesitate to request a quote online to find out the prices of this car insurance.


4 - Allianz car insurance

On its website, Allianz highlights the strengths of its car insurance offer: quick subscription in 10 minutes; nearly 6,500 advisors available to support policyholders; more responsible coverage with reused parts. Motorists who turn to Allianz car insurance benefit from advantageous guarantees such as glass breakage guarantee, the possibility of having a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown, a 0 km assistance option. To get a car insurance quote, simply fill out the form provided by the insurer.


5 - Groupama car insurance

Called “Groupama Conduire”, Groupama’s car insurance has several strengths: a replacement vehicle in the chosen category in the event of theft, breakdown or vandalism; a car reimbursed at its purchase price if it is stolen or damaged and irreparable within 3 years of purchase; rental of a vehicle in the event of damage. With 4 formulas to choose from (Formula Mini, Formula Eco, Formula Comfort, Formula Mobility), Groupama offers auto insurance that suits the needs of its customers as well as their budget.


6 - AXA car insurance

AXA car insurance provides essential guarantees: civil liability, criminal defense and recourse following an accident, driver safety, fire and theft. To these are added additional services such as breakdown assistance in less than an hour in the event of a breakdown, accident or fuel error, the Joker guarantee which allows drivers under the age of 25 to benefit from a taxi offered, a loan vehicle delivered in the event of a collision. To find out the price of AXA auto insurance, there are two solutions: make an express estimate in 3 minutes or make a precise simulation in 12 minutes on the insurer's website.


7 - MACIF car insurance

MACIF, the leading company in number of car insurance contracts in France in 2020, offers a particularly interesting contract. Indeed, subscribers have the option of insuring all carpooled passengers without any prior procedure or additional costs. In addition, they can obtain a reduction in their monthly insurance payment thanks to their good driving habits. Another advantage: the procedures can be easily managed online and from the MACIF mobile application. It is possible to request a car insurance quote on the insurer's website while being accompanied by an advisor.


8 - Matmut car insurance

Matmut has created a tailor-made car insurance offer at the fairest price with effective support in the event of a claim. The company meets the specific needs of its policyholders by offering 4 formulas: “Third party”, “Third party theft-fire”, “All risks”, “All risks plus”. Guarantees vary according to the level of cover chosen. Among them are: civil liability, the all-driver clause, assistance, car theft, legal protection or glass breakage.


9 - Crédit Mutuel car insurance

Crédit Mutuel allows motorists to personalize their car insurance contract while controlling their budget. Whether they are experienced drivers, young drivers, owners of an old or recent vehicle, policyholders have the choice between 4 formulas: “Third Party”, “Extended Third Party”, “Standard All Risks”, “Optimal All Risks”. The most extensive formula includes exclusive guarantees such as the Joker bonus, the guarantee for damage to the wheels only, a breakdown/towing supplement, an advisory estimate in the event of a breakdown.


10 - Crédit Agricole car insurance

Crédit Agricole car insurance offers essential guarantees from the basic formula and different levels of protection. The driver's body protection, assistance to people beyond 50 km from the usual place of residence and assistance to the vehicle from 0 km from the usual place of residence in the event of an accident, fire, theft and attempted theft are included in all formulas: “Eco Formula”, “Thirds Integral”, “All Risks Initial”, “All Risks Integral”.


You now know the ranking of the 10 best auto insurance companies in 2022. Do not hesitate to compare these offers in more detail by using a 100% online comparator.

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