Management software, essential for your SME

Business management today requires the use of dedicated IT tools to meet the needs of a business. For all areas of business life, it is essential to choose management software, whether it is logistics, customer relations or HR management.


Why opt for a management software?

1 – Thanks to these, you centralize all the functionalities essential to your business: accounting, data management, sending invoices, personnel management, expense tracking. All your data is then used to automate your procedures, freeing you from the burden of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

2 – Management software also allows you to benefit from an overview of your business, such as project monitoring or customer relations, for example.

3 – Finally, the management software allows you better collaboration and better organization of work thanks to better circulation of information. Indeed, the company's data is updated in real time and circulates between employees.


Personalized management software for each SME

Today, in the management software market, publishers are innovative and offer many solutions that can be adapted to the different needs of companies in all types of business sectors.

On the cloud or directly on the computer, simple management software or integrated ERP, many choices are available to you and require reflection to find the one that will support you in your daily management.


1 – CRM for a stronger customer relationship

Customer retention is a major challenge for any business. Opting for CRM software allows for better management of the customer portfolio. Thanks to this tool, customer, partner, prospect or supplier data is centralized in one place, allowing you to better understand their specific needs. The CRM allows you to:

  • Manage and personalize the contact portfolio
  • Manage emails
  • Automatically record customer communications
  • Minimize wasted time by automating time-consuming tasks
  • Benefit from a responsive and efficient system when faced with a problem
  • Create personas using collected data
  • Structure, share and archive data
  • Manage your marketing campaigns


Not only does setting up a CRM allow you to create a real database, but it also allows you to get to know your customers better and offer personalized offers.


Powerful and configurable CRM software, Infocob is a customer relationship management solution adapted to SMEs and SMIs.


2 – Business ERP dedicated to Materials Trading

ERP offers benefit from a maturity that allows them to respond to complex management issues. In a more specific context, the rise of ERP solutions in the Materials Trading sector is explained by the response to business constraints. The world of Materials Trading is particularly demanding on the business concepts specific to this activity. Consideration of size is therefore fundamental.


Resolution Informatique, member of the VDN group, offers N Series proven and packaged business management solutions that have integrated this business language. Series N aims to bring together immediately operational functionalities such as the automated injection of supplier prices or the ergonomic counter entry that will help companies to optimize their management processes.


3 – ERP, the management solution par excellence

ERP (or Integrated Management Software) is the all-in-one solution to facilitate the management of your business. This comprehensive tool makes it possible to manage all of a company's operational processes.


ERP Proginov is a global business management solution that adapts to the needs of SMEs and ETIs. It is a complete tool that covers all of a company's management needs with features such as purchasing, sales, inventory management, after-sales service, finance, HR, transport, etc.

Proginov, an ERP adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses

In order to meet the needs of your business, ASE2i has specialized in ERP Proginov in the Grand-Est for more than 30 years.

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