Fixed-mileage car insurance: what are the advantages? What prices?

Originally from Anglo-Saxon countries, flat rate mileage insurance has been developing in France for a few years. It is recommended for small riders and vehicles that drive occasionally.


Car insurance “Pay as you drive” or fixed mileage is attracting more and more drivers and for good reason, it allows you to make significant savings compared to conventional insurance formulas. What are the advantages ? What are the prices offered on the market? Answers.


What is car insurance per kilometer?

The kilometric package insurance consists for the insured to pay a premium according to the actual use of the vehicle. The control of compliance with the mileage set by the contract results in an annual reading of the odometer with a garage partner of the insurance company. Some may content themselves with a sworn statement.


Car insurers per kilometer offer the same levels of cover (third party, third party +, all risks) and guarantees as "classic" insurers. These offers are particularly suitable for small riders (mileage less than 6,000 euros per year). Senior citizens, city dwellers, young drivers and owners of a secondary car are the most affected.


How car insurance based on mileage works

At the time of subscription, the insured assesses the number of kilometers he expects to travel during the year. The mileage package is then reported in the insurance contract.


If at the end of the year, the insured has not reached his mileage package, the contract may provide for a carryover of the kilometers not carried out to the following year or their reimbursement. However, in some cases, contributions are lost.


If, on the other hand, the insured exceeds the fixed kilometer fixed by his contract, he will have to pay an additional contribution calculated on a flat-rate basis or on each kilometer traveled in excess. Thus, it is important to make an accurate estimate of the distance traveled each year before starting.


Benefits of car insurance per kilometer

By opting for flat-rate car insurance, you remain insured even if the planned mileage is exceeded. In addition, if you drive less than 6,000 kilometers per year, you can, thanks to this contract, make considerable savings.


The prices of flat-rate auto insurance vary according to several criteria including the number of kilometers travelled, the type of vehicle and the profile of the driver (age, sex, date of obtaining the driving licence, background, bonus, etc. ). They generally oscillate between 0.01 and 0.04 euro per kilometer.


Thus, many drivers choose to take out flat-rate car insurance because of its attractive cost. To get a car insurance quote in just a few clicks, do an online simulation. All you have to do is complete a free form to receive the best offers on the market. As this formula is offered by many insurers, it is essential to compare contracts using a 100% online tool. To help you in your efforts, you can also call on a broker who will give you personalized advice according to your profile and your expectations.

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